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It's ok to build castles in the air just put foundations underneath -Adapted from Thoreau

Why Doesn’t He Like Me?


Every once in awhile I find myself picking up books like “Why Do Men Marry Witches?” (Ok, so it didn’t say witches in the title.) I legitimately wanted to know why this happened. I wasn’t expecting a book about how you too can be a witch so you can also get married. The book itself is fine for what it is. If that’s what you want then there’s no doubt that these strategies will work. It is a little different than I thought because apparently it’s more about being a strong woman. The whole way through reading it though I was just so frustrated that men never have to buy these books. When was the last time you saw a self-help book for a guy on how to not marry a psycho? Maybe there should be one on “Why Am I Only Attracted to Witches So That Even Nice Girls Have to Act like Witches Even Though They Really Aren’t”. Never…because that book does not exist.

I felt the same way after reading “He’s just not that into you”. It’s another book that’s true…but I wish that it wasn’t. It’s all about being who you aren’t while trying to look like it’s who you really are. As a Type 2 in energy profiling acting cold or aloof really bothers me because it isn’t me and I shouldn’t have to act like it is. Sure, it’s the way the world works but it isn’t the way that the world should work.

Whenever I see a commercial for Bridezillas I wonder how these girls get married. Shouldn’t the mere fact that you’re putting in an application for the show Bridezillas be a good indication that there shouldn’t be a wedding?

I try not to ask myself this question too much but sometimes I still wonder “Why doesn’t he like me?” It doesn’t matter how much self-esteem I have; it freaks me out when a loser guy doesn’t like me. I worry that if I’m not attractive to someone who might not have a job or even a car then how will I ever be with one of the good ones? So I came up with this saying or graphic with the base image from The Graphics Fairy.

While going through this self-help inner crisis it dawned on me that these guys just aren’t that smart. They aren’t smart enough to know when a girl is kind and won’t cause drama. They might not even be smart enough to not want drama. I’m ok with them not liking me now. I believe the right one will be smarter.

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Famous Quotes About Life


Have you noticed that all famous quotes about life seem to be said by either Marilyn Monroe or John Wayne? One of my favorite quotes on pinterest says something about how famous quotes about life are difficult to prove because of the internet. Then it says that it’s by Abe Lincoln. I’ve been trying to track down if any of them are true.

life quotes

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One of my favorite John Wayne quotes is probably
“Life’s Hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid.”
If it wasn’t said in a movie or a book then it’s more difficult to substantiate. Does that quote sound like something that John Wayne would’ve said? Sure. Does it mean he actually said it? I couldn’t find out. Does it make it any less of a great quote? Of course not.

However, You can’t just say something brilliant like:

Life’s Hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid.

People are going to ask about it. You can’t just say that some guy said it. I’ve found that to be the case with most of the famous quotes about life that are out their. They are inspiring and inspirational. They show a different side of celebrity that makes that person extremely human. A lot of times though that person didn’t even say it…but it’s still a good quote.

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The American Dream Quote


If you were to come up with your own American dream definition it would probably include owning a house. In fact, you might even recall vague quotes from history class about two cars in every garage.

The American Dream Quotes

In fact when I went searching for the exact quote, all that came up were a bunch of Simpsons episodes. It seems to be a very misquoted and misunderstood though. Herbert Hoover never said this but was part of his political campaign with the quote “chicken in every pot… and a car in every backyard, to boot.”

The interesting thing about this thought is that it doesn’t say two cars. It also doesn’t say “a house and two cars in every garage” as I thought it would say. The idea of The American Dream originally was simply having enough. However, there’s also another philosophy on it.

Wikipedia sites James Truslow Adams in his Epic of America work from 1931 with this quote that hits it home:

“The American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement. It is a difficult dream for the European upper classes to interpret adequately, also too many of us ourselves have grown weary and mistrustful of it. It is not a dream of motor cars and high wages merely, but a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position”

What’s the American Dream?

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In all of the American dream articles I came across no one had the same definition of it. That’s really the true beauty of it, that we are allowed to dream whatever we want. That we are each allowed to have a different version of it. If you can’t afford a house, then it doesn’t include a house for you right now. That doesn’t mean that you still can’t have it. It’s not about keeping up with everyone you know, even though that’s what it really has become. It’s not about constantly needing more and more. If you’re asking if it’s dead, or if it’s a myth, or if you can have it; look closer. It’s really already there but you probably aren’t recognizing it.

So maybe this isn’t just about stuff. Maybe it’s about physical possessions but not about as many lavish ones as we can possibly think of. Instead, it was simply a promise of freedom to make whatever life you want for yourself. In that context, it’s still alive and kicking.

The way you define this might be vastly different than the way I would, and really that’s the beauty of our country. Really, it’s no more than having the freedom to control who you will become and the life you want to have. It was never guaranteed that you’d get there, or that it would be easy, or that there wouldn’t be consequences. It’s simply about being able to have the chance. What does this phrase mean to you?

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