Why Doesn’t He Like Me?

Every once in awhile I find myself picking up books like “Why Do Men Marry Witches?” (Ok, so it didn’t say witches in the title.) I legitimately wanted to know why this happened. I wasn’t expecting a book about how you too can be a witch so you can also get married. The book itself is fine for what it is. If that’s what you want then there’s no doubt that these strategies will work. It is a little different than I thought because apparently it’s more about being a strong woman. The whole way through reading it though I was just so frustrated that men never have to buy these books. When was the last time you saw a self-help book for a guy on how to not marry a psycho? Maybe there should be one on “Why Am I Only Attracted to Witches So That Even Nice Girls Have to Act like Witches Even Though They Really Aren’t”. Never…because that book does not exist.

I felt the same way after reading “He’s just not that into you”. It’s another book that’s true…but I wish that it wasn’t. It’s all about being who you aren’t while trying to look like it’s who you really are. As a Type 2 in energy profiling acting cold or aloof really bothers me because it isn’t me and I shouldn’t have to act like it is. Sure, it’s the way the world works but it isn’t the way that the world should work.

Whenever I see a commercial for Bridezillas I wonder how these girls get married. Shouldn’t the mere fact that you’re putting in an application for the show Bridezillas be a good indication that there shouldn’t be a wedding?

I try not to ask myself this question too much but sometimes I still wonder “Why doesn’t he like me?” It doesn’t matter how much self-esteem I have; it freaks me out when a loser guy doesn’t like me. I worry that if I’m not attractive to someone who might not have a job or even a car then how will I ever be with one of the good ones? So I came up with this saying or graphic with the base image from The Graphics Fairy.

While going through this self-help inner crisis it dawned on me that these guys just aren’t that smart. They aren’t smart enough to know when a girl is kind and won’t cause drama. They might not even be smart enough to not want drama. I’m ok with them not liking me now. I believe the right one will be smarter.

Famous Quotes About Life

Have you noticed that all famous quotes about life seem to be said by either Marilyn Monroe or John Wayne? One of my favorite quotes on pinterest says something about how famous quotes about life are difficult to prove because of the internet. Then it says that it’s by Abe Lincoln. I’ve been trying to track down if any of them are true.

life quotes

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One of my favorite John Wayne quotes is probably
“Life’s Hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid.”
If it wasn’t said in a movie or a book then it’s more difficult to substantiate. Does that quote sound like something that John Wayne would’ve said? Sure. Does it mean he actually said it? I couldn’t find out. Does it make it any less of a great quote? Of course not.

However, You can’t just say something brilliant like:

Life’s Hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid.

People are going to ask about it. You can’t just say that some guy said it. I’ve found that to be the case with most of the famous quotes about life that are out their. They are inspiring and inspirational. They show a different side of celebrity that makes that person extremely human. A lot of times though that person didn’t even say it…but it’s still a good quote.

The American Dream Quote

If you were to come up with your own American dream definition it would probably include owning a house. In fact, you might even recall vague quotes from history class about two cars in every garage.

The American Dream Quotes

In fact when I went searching for the exact quote, all that came up were a bunch of Simpsons episodes. It seems to be a very misquoted and misunderstood though. Herbert Hoover never said this but was part of his political campaign with the quote “chicken in every pot… and a car in every backyard, to boot.”

The interesting thing about this thought is that it doesn’t say two cars. It also doesn’t say “a house and two cars in every garage” as I thought it would say. The idea of The American Dream originally was simply having enough. However, there’s also another philosophy on it.

Wikipedia sites James Truslow Adams in his Epic of America work from 1931 with this quote that hits it home:

“The American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement. It is a difficult dream for the European upper classes to interpret adequately, also too many of us ourselves have grown weary and mistrustful of it. It is not a dream of motor cars and high wages merely, but a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position”

What’s the American Dream?

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In all of the American dream articles I came across no one had the same definition of it. That’s really the true beauty of it, that we are allowed to dream whatever we want. That we are each allowed to have a different version of it. If you can’t afford a house, then it doesn’t include a house for you right now. That doesn’t mean that you still can’t have it. It’s not about keeping up with everyone you know, even though that’s what it really has become. It’s not about constantly needing more and more. If you’re asking if it’s dead, or if it’s a myth, or if you can have it; look closer. It’s really already there but you probably aren’t recognizing it.

So maybe this isn’t just about stuff. Maybe it’s about physical possessions but not about as many lavish ones as we can possibly think of. Instead, it was simply a promise of freedom to make whatever life you want for yourself. In that context, it’s still alive and kicking.

The way you define this might be vastly different than the way I would, and really that’s the beauty of our country. Really, it’s no more than having the freedom to control who you will become and the life you want to have. It was never guaranteed that you’d get there, or that it would be easy, or that there wouldn’t be consequences. It’s simply about being able to have the chance. What does this phrase mean to you?

Life is Awesome

I’m not really into the new age ideas; which often had me scoffing at the law of attraction. Instead, I just try and hold a simple belief that Life is awesome. This is just a much easier version of the law of attraction. Plus, it’s still putting all of those positive vibes out there.

The key to this mindset is to find small things that make you happy. When you stop focusing on what you don’t have in life and start focusing on experiences then this is going to make your life richer and even that more awesome.

One of my goals was to see art up close and personal. For years I was depressed and discouraged because international travel was just out of reach with my health problems and my budget. This kept me stuck in an area where fine art just seemed like something that was impossible to reach.
Then on a trip to Vegas I went to see the Wynn Collection. Sure, it wasn’t the Louvre. However, it was what I wanted in a way that I could actually have. The biggest thing I learned about life that day is that sometimes you just have to live life and see it yourself.

I had always fancied myself as someone who really likes Van Gogh. I had books about him on my shelf and some posters in my college dorm room. However, until I actually saw a Van Gogh in person I didn’t realize one really important thing: it doesn’t look that great close up. In fact, I had to stand back a few feet to even make it recognizable. What I had always assumed was intricate shading was actually grooves in the paint from it being so thick. I wished that I could’ve touched it but I doubt that that Wynn would be happy with that. Even with all of the books I’d read and all of the art classes I’d been in no one had ever told me this simple thing about life. It was something that I had to experience myself; and someday when I travel I suspect that there will be many more things just like that which I’ll simply have to see with my own eyes.

What makes life awesome for you?

Thoughts on Life

I did it; I figured out the meaning of my existence. Now in the next few hundred words with all of my thoughts on life I will be able to outline how I figured out the meaning of well; well my life. Just be aware that for me this meaning is always being added to and sometimes discounted and your mileage may vary trying to live the meaning of my life.

It’s been very helpful to start thinking of my life as a story. This is a trick that I learned from the Paul McKenna book” I Can Mend Your Broken Heart”. In it, or maybe just in the trance, he mentions that this way of thinking safeguards your happiness in a way. Sure, when I’m living my life I would love for the story to be “Once upon a time there was a girl named Sara who was awesome and only good things happened to her. Then she met a boy who was also awesome and they got married because he was also awesome. Their marriage was awesome too and nothing bad ever happened”.

However, is that the best story to read? Is that the way that any story or any life really works? Like Paul Mckenna said bad things happen in every story; but that doesn’t mean that the story is itself bad; it’s just progressing.

Finally I have a use for what I learned in high school English class. It’s a basic structure of most plays that also translates into almost every movie or book that I can think of. Over at Wikipedia I found out that the structure was the same basically for 3 or 5 act plays. Here’s the really interesting part that has a Creative Commons license on it.

Act II comprises the next two quarters of the film. The main character encounters an obstacle that prevents the character from achieving his or her dramatic need, approximately halfway through the film. The main character reaches his or her lowest point and seems farthest from fulfilling the dramatic need or objective.

Act III comprises the final quarter of the film. The climax occurs as well as the dénouement, a brief period of calm at the end of a film where a state of equilibrium returns.

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So basically what this is saying that the second act basically sucks. Can you think of any story where there isn’t conflict? It still usually ends well though. This changed my thoughts on life because I was no longer trying to eliminate every bad thing; or wondering “Why do this have to happen to me?” It has to happen to me because the second act always sucks. I’m in a story and every story has conflict. It just means that I’m that much closer to a resolution.

Overcoming Obstacles Stories

You know how some people always tell you to embrace your challenges? Well those people always really annoyed me. I just figured that they didn’t have anything that difficult in their life. Most overcoming obstacles stories just seemed like the people in them were much better at life than I am. They definitely weren’t facing fibromyalgia like I was doing. They didn’t know what it was like to have to fight for what you wanted every single day even if that was just to wear shoes.

Like many people with fibromyalgia I couldn’t work. I was determined to find a way to do so. I tried basically every single online business that was out there; but this was several years ago and they were mostly scams. In fact now when I mention that I work online most people will just assume that it’s somehow a scam. It’s not; it allowed me to do the one thing that I loved the most: write. Sometimes I hear about people with English degrees who are stuck in jobs they hate; or they might even say something like “No one gets to be a writer”. Sure, I don’t write books and I didn’t go to college for it. Sometimes, I don’t like the topics I’m writing about or who I’m writing for but at the end of the day I get paid for making words and that is awesome.

The next big obstacle was that I wanted to write something that meant something instead of just all of the random articles that are online. Again, all I heard from the SEO world was that this type of writing never took off. You had to use keywords and spend most of your time doing stuff that didn’t even have anything to do with your own site. So, I followed the best advice I could find; but the money just wasn’t showing up for me even when I was doing the exact plan that other people were doing who had basically struck it rich. I think this was because I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. When the Panda update hit; I was lost. I had done everything that I was “supposed” to do and it had failed. I didn’t know who to listen to anymore.

However, it was a roundabout way of giving myself exactly what I wanted. There was less work and more stress and even though I work at home the stress was making my fibromyalgia worse. However, remember the beginning of the story where I said that I was determined to make this work? I decided to leave the content companies behind and work for myself. I was going to write about what I wanted to write about and do the site promotion in the way that I wanted to do it.

Here’s where I wish I could insert the total amount of all the success I’ve had since changing my course and it would be a very impressive number. It’s not; it’s almost exactly the same amount of what I made the year before when working for other people. However the quality and richness of my life in the past year has really been unmeasurable. I’ve been able to focus on my health more and worry less. I’m just elated every month when I pay all my bills because even that small aspect was something that my doctors, myself, and everyone else who knew about fibromyalgia thought I couldn’t do; so every month I do that I feel like I have won. Look around your own life, you’ll probably find a lot of inspiration there that maybe you aren’t recognizing yet because the end isn’t a huge impressive number or a large trophy. What obstacles have you overcome?

The Art of the Steal: The Barnes Foundation Documentary and Movie

When the Art of the Steal movie was introduced to me I believe something was said like “You will hate humanity after you watch this film”. Sure, there is plenty to hate. I had no idea who Dr. Barnes or his collection was before watching this movie, but I was just heart sick watching how one man’s will was not being honored.

I think the great thing about this movie was how people are rising up to save it and speaking out, and not giving up even when they are just an neighborhood or a community against entire cities and states. So to me it wasn’t a movie about how humanity is a set of conniving thieves. It was more about how people will go up against insurmountable odds, with no recognition, to do the right thing. If like me, you hadn’t heard of the Barnes foundation or watched The Art of The Steal, please do so.

Making a Difference

Making a difference can really be overwhelming. I’ve been surprised at how controversial it is just in my everyday life. It seems like whenever someone says that they want to do something to help the hungry or natural disaster there will be three or four people that will say that it’s just not enough. They usually say that one person can make a difference. They also just say that there are a lot of problems both in their own lives in their home country and there really is no way to help. Then they usually have several stories about how they helped someone and it didn’t really work out or last.

I was recently shocked to see a very short article on Somalia in a very popular online news source. The first comment was quite negative, saying that we were all burnt out on trying to help Africa. I couldn’t wait to read the other comments where other people would really correct this person. Instead, I found hundreds of other comments that were very similar to this. Some of them were a lot worse. In fact, whenever anyone tried to interject a comment about compassion, there would be several other people ripping that person apart.

There are lots of ways that we can make a difference. I do think that we are a little bit burnout right now on sending money. From a lot of what I was reading people felt that the situation had been lasting for several decades and said there was really no point because we haven’t fixed it yet. However, giving up surely won’t make a difference.

There are a lot of ways that you can make the world better and it does not always have to be money, although that can be very helpful. Instead, you can try sharing your skills or mentoring people in your community. You can volunteer at soup kitchens. You can even just take extra vegetables from your garden to a needy neighbor.

When service is constantly on your mind then you’re going to find ways to make it happen. This might not be a huge, life-changing thing. However, it can help you feel a lot better about yourselves. However, it could be life changing. When you put out good actions there is a ripple effect. A few years ago random acts of kindness was very popular. One thing that really exemplified this was a stranger would pay for a person’s toll. They would just tell the booth operator to pay for the next person in line. That person in turn would be so grateful but usually they would give the change for the person behind them. It really brightens everyone’s day and it didn’t cost them any more money than it would be even if they were just doing their normal commute.

I think the biggest way to make a difference is just not to give up. Don’t get discouraged if world hunger isn’t automatically solved overnight. I think a lot of people want to help, but they just don’t know how, especially when the problem is so overwhelming and it has been around for such a long time. Sure, it seems like one person can’t change the world. However, a lot of people who are trying in very small ways can when you put their total impact together. The most important thing is that you at least try and do something.

Calm Definition

A calm definition is the first step in actually calming down. First you have to know what the word means before you can actually do it, right? I was expecting that it was going to be more about a state of being, but almost every online dictionary site I looked up said that it means still, or without rough motion. A lot of water analogies also came up. A synonym for calm was quiet. Other synonyms for calm were collected and cool. This sounds like a simple enough state to achieve, but when things are falling apart you can follow a few of these tips.

I was just watching a financial analyst on CNN who was talking a lot about how the financial market right now is based mostly on nervousness and rumors. Even just talking about anything bad happening can really set the markets off and create record falls. They sound like they could all really use a good calm definition. Sure, there are changes that need to be made. There is work that needs to be done. However, it seems like people have lost confidence in themselves and the basic economic principles that govern us and our jobs in general.

Whenever I look at a lot of craft blogs or even artwork right now one of the biggest sellers always seems to be the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster. Usually it has a crown on top of the saying, and who wouldn’t like that? Just keeping one of these simple reminders around your house. As long as you really believe in it and it isn’t just a decorating trend it can help to keep you calm.

It’s also important to state that anxiety is an actual medical condition. This is a lot more than just feeling panic about certain things. It’s something that you need to talk to a doctor about.

There is a lot of science behind simple things that normally calm people down, such as taking a bubble bath. If you know anything about basil or even lavender essential oils they are common bath scents. It’s something that you find a lot of in soap as well. These are going to be really soothing fragrances. You can even find them in candle form too.

It’s important to note that calm and peace are two different things. Being calm implies that there is a lot of negativity around you. It’s the ability to be stable even in awkward or unpleasant situations. It means that you aren’t really going to be swayed by what is going on around you.

Give yourself enough time to make important decisions. Oftentimes when your livelihood is threatened or you don’t know how to come up with the money that you’re going to need for the next month there can be a tendency to panic. This is counterproductive. It can lead you to make snap decisions that probably aren’t going to be the best. This is really going to overrule your actual instincts and intuitions. Instead, every decision is just going to be made with pure panic. You don’t need to have a lot of extra time to really make sound decisions. It could just be after a good nights sleep. You could just wait a few days or even just a few minutes to really clear your mind as much as possible.

Even though things are so difficult right now for a lot of people it is still possible to be happy. You really need to find something that grounds you. This could be a picture of your grandparents who possibly survived the Great Depression and will help you to put your current troubles in perspective. You can also try to maintain your routine as much as possible. This could be going on walks or just cooking a healthy dinner for your family.

Another thing that you can do is before the tough times arrive and just be prepared. Spruce up your resume as much as possible. You may want to start a business from home that can bring in much-needed income in case anything goes wrong. This is something that is often left out of the law of attraction because people felt that this brings in negative vibe that is counterproductive. However, when done with the right attitude it actually provides you with a lot more peace. It helps you to sleep better. It really lets you know that you are going to be okay and then you can focus on really sending even more positive energy out into the world.

How do you keep calm when the world constantly feels like it’s falling apart?

Money Manifestation Experiment

When you first hear about the law of attraction there is a tendency to really want to know about how it’s going to work for money manifestation. Why would you even want anything else? If you have the cash you can really do almost anything and for a lot of people that is the real “secret”.

One thing that I really like about this principle is the idea that we give money way too much power. Really it’s just a lot of numbers on paper. However, those extra zeros at the end of your bank account more or some people in the front of your bank account are really what controls your life. This can be the source of a lot of negative energy or a lot of positive energy. This changes the entire vibration that you need to be sending out as far as the law of attraction is concerned.

I have tried some clearing through EFT. I’ve also read a lot of what Steve Pavlina has to say. However, I have found that if I am focusing on something specific that I want or especially focusing on something for someone else there’s a much better chance that it is actually going to show up for me. For me really manifesting many has been the most difficult part. However, going through the process has helped me to clear up a lot of my issues and generally I’m happier just because I see that I was giving money too much power before. Now I feel like my finances are in even better order than they used to be. However, this is still the secret that has really eluded me.

I want to try a series of experiments to change this around. However, everything I’ve read about I have already tried at some point. This can be depressing to know that you’re in control of your reality, but for whatever reason, you can’t seem to change it.

One book that I really liked was “I Can Make You Rich” by Paul McKenna. It has a lot to do with money visualizations. It has a lot of inspiring quotes. I was really looking forward to having the trance to help me out. However, I bought the book used because it was quite expensive just because it had to be shipped from the United Kingdom. This meant that it also didn’t have the CD when it arrived. So now, before I can even start my money visualization I have to visualize the money visualization CD somehow mysteriously coming to me.

For now, I’m just going to act on my good ideas. I’m going to trust my instincts. I am going to trust that I am good at my job. I’m going to believe that the work I’m doing is worth more than I’m getting right now. I’m going to allow that money to come to me because I am worth it. I’m not going to try to force it which I personally have a great tendency to do with the law of attraction. I’m going to rely on the affirmation cards or angel cards that I do use. It’s going to be quite a simple and even a fun experiment. It’s just a matter of controlling what I can even in the current economic climate. Is anyone else doing their own money experiment? Has anyone been successful at manifesting money?