Cool Thoughts on Life

I never understood one of the coolest thoughts on life until recently. There’s an old expression that goes “bloom where you are planted” and I always hated that. I have lived in places that just didn’t suit my personality or my aspirations. Sure, I could have thrived there, but it was next to impossible.

Now I live in a very picturesque small town, not unlike Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls. I was just wondering what makes this place so different. Everyone is eclectic everyone has a story. The town is friendly and seems to take care of each other.

It dawned on me today that it’s that way because of opposition. It’s an expensive place to live, especially compared with other parts of the state. It’s small enough that there are not a lot of places to live, and there really aren’t any jobs, and real estate prices are quite high. It’s not just a place you end up. This has to be your dream; otherwise people would never get to be here. It’s somewhere that you have to plan and fight to be. That’s why people with even sucky jobs smile and the town is so friendly like we are all sharing some secret.

Sure it wouldn’t work for everyone. The town slogan is practically “There’s nothing to do here and we like it that way”. Granted, I heard that from someone in town and immediately wished that I had said it. Home ownership is basically impossible and the climate is pretty tough. It’s lovely though.

I think there’s somewhere like that for everyone. For lots of people they dream of New York City or Hollywood. Others want to live by the beach. If they are like I used to be, it just doesn’t seem possible. It’s too expensive or too far away or too intimidating. That’s why I wasn’t living here sooner.

My life had stayed the same for years. Then one day I took up freelance writing and then I had the freedom to live anywhere and also control how much money I made. Two days later I had found a place that had just been finished being built in my dream town. Within a month all of my worldly possessions were in the back of my car driving to a place I had never seen before. I just knew it was where I wanted to be. Sure, it was scary. It was the furthest I’d been from my family and I didn’t even own a fork let alone furniture, but it all worked itself out when I was where I was supposed to be.

Sure you can bloom wherever you are planted. However, there are some locations that are more favorable for growth and happiness than others. It’s about being connected both to your scenery as well as the people around you. We get to be in the place we loved the most and that’s why people smile here.

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