Does the Secret Work?

When the book first came out I kept asking myself “Does the Secret really work?” I tried it and at first, honestly it didn’t. This has a lot more to do with my sarcastic personality than everything as well as a lot of the limiting self beliefs that I had at the time. It also had a lot to do with my personal belief system. I was probably stopping it from working. For me personally I needed to fill in other pieces so that it really made sense to me.

Here are a few problems that I initially had with both the book and the CD. There’s really no explanation for mass disasters. It’s unlikely that everyone in a building or country is going to be having negative thoughts on the day a tornado strikes. It also doesn’t really fit into my own feelings of adversity. Bad things will happen to you, but they can still be one of the best things that happened to you. You would basically be stunting your own growth by keeping everything negative away.

Initially I was really turned off by the entire law of attraction movement just because I am chronically ill with fibromyalgia. When the book first came out everyone told me that if I really believed in this, I would get better. Even though the universe is strong, it still has to pay attention to things like science and medicine. It felt very much like my lack of “faith” or “belief” was making me sick. This initially made things worse because not only was I sick, now I was also the cause of it.

I really think this is the reason that while initially the book was a huge hit; it hasn’t seemed to maintain itself in the mainstream. Think about all the people you know who believe there aren’t any jobs out there right now. If you mention it outside of the new age world, people will treat you weird. Maybe that’s just my “manifestation”. That’s the other thing about The Secret, if you try to prove that it doesn’t work or that there are limitations to it, you hit a wall. The person will always say that you just don’t believe in it, or you are manifesting these inconsistencies, or bringing the negative people to you. They say this even if they are the one being negative.

Through all of my studies, those problems haven’t been cleared up. However, I really do believe in the power of this on some level. I have used some of these principles to manifest my dream job and my dream life. I still have problems, I am still sick. However, I came out of this with the feeling that life was kind to me and wanted me to succeed and I didn’t really believe that before.

I’ve also found other methods such as EFT and Paul McKenna’s books to be much more realistic with everyday life. I will have negative emotions. With The Secret, I honestly felt like I was covering these up. It’s like telling yourself not to think about an elephant, but in this case if you think about the elephant you basically ruin your life. Instead, I think it’s really important that you actually work through your emotions. You can use the Secret to envision yourself as healed or happy, but you still have to do the work.

So if you’re asking this question, honestly it just depends on you and whether you are trying to defy other laws of the Universe or reality. Can you really believe that you will have a pet dragon? Yes. Will it actually happen? Most likely not. For me, this was the beginning step of the process to find out that my life is quite beautiful. However, there were also a lot of other pieces of the puzzle. For someone else the journey could be entirely different and really might just stop at this step. It might not be the entire journey, but it can be one of the first steps.

So if you want to give it a try then just create a vision board. I have done this through the use of making simple windows slideshows as well as creating cute desktop backgrounds. This way I see it everyday but it isn’t messy. For me personally to have a big bulletin board full of magazine clippings would just read as clutter. It wouldn’t be positive for me, and would thus defeat the entire purpose.

Does the Secret Really Work?

Is the secret a key to the universe or a scam?

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I think one of my main pitfalls is that my whole vision board hasn’t shown up yet. I live in an apartment instead of a house that’s been paid off free and clear. However, I enjoy this apartment; I see it as a miracle that I got to live in this place. I know that I’m in the right place right now for me. Plus, I suspect that my house is really coming together just the way I want it, so I am willing to wait until it gets to that point.

The great thing is that changing your thinking really doesn’t cost any money. It doesn’t take a lot of time. At the very least it helps you tap into what you really what in life and set some concrete goals. So what has your experience been? Does the secret work for you?

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  1. Yes, to answer your question…The secret or the law of attraction has worked in my life. It was really about getting in the right mindset and allowing the good things to come versus trying to force it, if that makes sense. Another thing I want to add, is that a lot of times the exact thing we want to manifest on lets say a vision board…can actually come but not the exact thing, but more of the essence or feeling of it. So you use the example of that you’d like to manifest in your vision board but you live in apt. Maybe the essence of that feeling of having a place for yourself a roof over your head is already it. However, I feel you will get that house. It is just a matter of lining up with the vibrational energy of that new thing or manifestation. Nice stories here.

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