Dressing Your Truth Promo Codes, Sales, and Coupons


I’ve been interested in buying Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth for awhile, but I spent a lot of time considering it because that’s my nature. I decided if I could get a good deal on it, then it would mean that it was time for me to start this transformation.

However, when I looked around I couldn’t find any promotions, coupons, or sales that were still valid. There were a few at coupon sites that had expired. Then I noticed on my visit to The Carol Blog a small tab on the side that said “Rewards”. Basically you get points for visiting and commenting everyday. You can then exchange the points for a coupon to caroltuttle.com or dressingyourtruth.com. The highest reward is a free CD. Sure, it’s a different approach to getting a discount, you do have to work for it, but you learn a lot in the process. Plus, it saves you a lot of money if you are buying one of the full courses, so it was definitely worth it at least for me.

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