Dressing Your Truth Review


I heard about Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth when it first came out a few years ago. It’s an entirely new way of looking at clothes and your body type. I held off on it for a few years because it seemed expensive to me. Then one day it finally felt like the right time and I was ready to jump in and saved money and dropped a few dress sizes promptly followed by kicking myself for waiting so long.

It’s worth the money just because it is such a healing process. It’s not just about clothes; its about who you are and how that’s ok. I had no idea that the fashion world had hurt me before. I didn’t seem to have any issues with my size or weight. I didn’t read beauty magazines, but I did watch some makeover shows. I just really honestly didn’t think I could ever feel or look beautiful so instead I aimed for “passable”.

Basically, there is an energy profiling system that puts you as one of four types. When I started I had my picture profiled and came up as a type 2 with a secondary 1. Now they offer a more organic approach where you decide which type you are with some help.

The one surprising thing about Dressing Your Truth was that it really did save me money. I had thought that since I already spend so little money at clothes by shopping at thrift stores it wouldn’t end up making that big of a difference. However, I could easily cut down my expenditures by 50-75% if I stopped buying things that truly didn’t look good on me. Think about it, how many of the clothes in your closet do you actually wear? So to me even though the initial course at $279 seemed pricy; the tools are invaluable.

The best thing about this course was that I could get a complete head to toe makeover without having to go on a TV show. Some of the types can rely heavily on clothing dye to makeover what you already have in your closet. They also show you how to work with a lot of the accessories that you already own. For me I just purged a lot of what I already owned and used dye to tone down everything I had that fit the silhouettes and fabric guidelines. I did my makeup differently and I also had my hair cut according to the included hairstyles the next time I went in for a trim. So really, just for a few boxes of dye and changing up my routine I got an entirely new look.

Before I went through this process I would describe my style as “eclectic” or a mess. My nature had always been coming out as a type two and I had been craving comfort. However, I had also been buying the wrong silhouettes and fabric. (You can read more about my dressing your truth type 2 adventures here) This resulted in me buying sizes 10-12 when really I was a size 6-8 if I bought the right fabrics. Then I could easily see how the fashion world describes comfortable as frumpy because that’s how I ended up looking and feeling. Now, I’ve let myself buy clothes that feel great on me, and I feel great in. The old adage that “pain is beauty” is gone now.

As far as my hair goes, I found out that I have naturally curly hair! I don’t know why no stylist had ever mentioned this to me before, it must be borderline curly or something. It’s so much fun to work with.

I would say that the only negative about Dressing Your Truth is that there still are a few sales pitches in the actual course for their hair and makeup lines. To me, I got my money’s worth from all of the additional materials like the club nights. It changes how I look at fashion and myself. I’ll try and post some before & after pictures soon!

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