Good Thoughts About Love

Let’s face it love feels great when you have it and then it seems to just mock you in the face the rest of the time. However, this seems to contradict the law of attraction. By sending out all of those “so and so doesn’t like me” vibes or “I will be alone forever” vibes it just draws in more negativity. This has been the most difficult part of the law of attraction for me. I’ve read other stories about women putting away wedding cake toppers because they were so sure that they’d get married soon. The one time I tried on bridal gowns I looked like some sort of monster, so that’s definitely out of the question. (Not a pretty monster either).

Know what you want. I can never decide whether to make a list or whether that means that I’m just too picky. However, with The Secret and any kind of law of attraction you’re supposed to be specific. For me, this often ended up with silly things that honestly I would be willing to compromise on anything, such as having the ability to play the guitar.

Instead, I’ve found for me at least it’s better to draw in those good thoughts about love with questions. It’s kind of a 50 question quiz I can take to make sure I’m getting the right guy. It’s pretty simple such as “Does he make me laugh?” or “Does he have a job?”

I also think it’s important to embrace the life that you have right now. Sure, everyone always tells you that confidence is one of the most attractive traits that a person has, but they never say how you can go out and get it. Even if you have been through a tough relationship and don’t feel like you can send out good relationship vibes, send out good vibes about your entire life.

Use visualization. Again, I’m in the process of this journey, still single. However, with every other goal going through a visualization process like the ones outlined by Paul McKenna has been really helpful. It also helps to put an end to the thinking that this marital status will be with your forever. His book “I Can Mend Your Broken Heart” also has steps on how to get rid of those pangs that you might have if you fear that there’s “one who got away”.

Another method would be to make a vision board. Whenever you hear a story that makes you think “aww”, find pictures, words or symbols that really represent that. This will also help you to keep your goals in mind which can be difficult when presented with a lot of choices that seem “good enough”. This way instead of being jealous of other people’s love you can develop your own philosophy.

Make your own statistics. This again has to do with sending out good vibes. Whenever someone mentions the high divorce rate, calculate how many people actually stay married.

good thoughts about love

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Fight disappointment. Whenever your dating this is really inevitable. You might really like someone and he doesn’t like you back. This can contribute to the feeling that maybe you just aren’t good enough. You can combat this by just trusting that God, the Universe, and life have something even better for you. Instead of being disappointed that you didn’t get to be with someone you want; be excited that you get to be with someone who can top the greatest guy that you know. How do you keep good thoughts about love around you when the dating scene seems like it’s closing in?

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