How To Not Be Depressed

Knowing how to help someone with depression can save their life or your own. Seeking medical treatment or getting the person to is the first step. Most people would say that they want to know how to be happy.

self help for depression

depression isn't hopeless

However, sometimes really the only thing you want to know is how to not be depressed. Whether you want to know how to help someone with depression or how to overcome depression some of the steps are the same. You really have to take steps up to happiness. The first step is to really get out and stay out of depression and to do that you need help for depression.

Help for Depression

coping with depression

coping with depression requires support and treatment

In order to get help for depression you need to know that you can’t do it yourself. This isn’t always an easy fix to this. The difference between depression and sadness is that depression is an actual medical condition, not just an emotion. This means that you need to get help for depression. Otherwise it can really spiral out of control. You can try talking to your doctor or going to therapy. Otherwise it can be a vicious cycle that can completely overtake your life and might last for several years.

Self Help for Depression

The first thing you need to know is that there is only so much that you can do alone when figuring out depression. In fact, your depression might get worse or really compound if you try to do a lot of different self improvement techniques. Many of these books advise you to consult with a doctor before trying it and there’s a reason for this. However, once you get medical treatment you’re going to be on the right track and in a much better place to start sifting through the self help world. I advocate self help and improvement for almost anything; so if I’m saying that this isn’t the place for it then you know it’s a big deal.

How to Help Someone with Depression

If a loved one is feeling depressed the same rule applies with self help for depression. Encourage them to get help. Drive them to the doctor and go with them if they are self-conscious or afraid. Don’t try to treat it yourself. It’s also important not to patronize the person. Don’t say things like “just be happy”. If they were capable of doing this then they probably would. However, depression in its simplest form is really losing that ability.

You can also take cues from the person to learn how to help someone with depression. They will often tell you things that they may need help for depression with. You can encourage them to go out with friends but you can also just really watch for signs that doing so gives them anxiety. It takes awhile to figure this out. Remember that this is different than getting stuck in a rut. This is something that makeovers or new hobbies aren’t really going to fix. Don’t just minimize the problem because you definitely don’t want the person to go into a state where they feel like they have to pretend around you.

What to Do When Feeling Depressed

If you’re wondering what to do when depressed, then the first thing you’re going to need to do is really assess how depressed you are. If you’re having any thoughts of suicide. Then it’s definitely time to get professional help, or get in contact with a hotline like Hope Line which the site Postsecret mentions a lot.

When you’re depressed it can be difficult to see the effect that it has on other people. People around you might feel powerless to help you. They might tell you things that make it worse such as “Just be happy”. However, if you have a friend who is depressed the first step is just to make sure that they are getting proper medical care. Then, don’t rush them or have unreasonable expectations. Just be a constant source of comfort in their life; but set boundaries so you don’t get burned out or start feeling like a doormat. Believe that help is out there both for you and the person you care about and then you’ll be on the right track because then you’re empowered enough to go find it.

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  1. Many people don’t understand the seriousness of depression. It’s a life threatening disease that needs attention. I have personal experience in the subject and the information you’ve provided here reflects the reality of depression and the effects it can have on your life and your loved ones. Thank you for dedicating your time to raising awareness of depression…this article will help many.

  2. Hi was wondering how to get threw panic attacks. Now i can go from. ill feel fine one second then my arms tingle then my necks is numb then. Having issues with sore nose then head aches. Then it makes me feel sick. I start feeling lost and like i cant take feeling like this. Scared to go far from the house. How i don;t wanna feel like this anymore.

  3. Readers will agree that depression is a personal experience that affects many people. Many of the drugs out there, though affective, only treat the biological aspect of depression, and fail to address the underlying causes. A good therapist can help, but its important to explore the mental scripts that are leading to destructive thought patterns. Not only can you improve your mood, but you can revise your mental scripts to achieve great success. Read more about mental scripts here:

  4. I began taking the birth control pill last year, but my doctor took me off it three months later because i had fainted, and it was causing me some depression problems. I am now on the depo shot, and it can cause depression, but i was wondering if anyone would know if this depression is long term? also, if i should talk to my doctor?

  5. Just a question for some casual research for those with a history of long term, severe depression – Have you found that your memory of the time period you were depressed is deficient? For example you can’t remember details about relationships or events as well as you feel you should, or you feel as though you have “lost time”?

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