Thought for the Day with Meaning

My thought for the day with meaning is that it’s a process. It really doesn’t matter what “It” is in this instance. Whatever you are struggling with right now has the ability to go better than it currently is. Sometimes I struggle with the fact that I can’t see every step, but then God shows me He is there, even in little ways. One of my favorite quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr. is “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

You know those really annoying people who always tell you that everything is a miracle and there are no coincidences? It’s much better to be one of those people than to be a skeptic that has to be around them. Well I’m slowly turning into one of those people, and I rather like it.

I had moved into a new apartment and had no furniture. I also had no money to buy furniture. Plus, since I have fibromyalgia, I have very specific furniture needs. There are only two couches in my entire lifetime that I’ve thought were comfortable. Oh yeah, I also didn’t know anyone with a truck.

So for months and months, I lived with a futon that didn’t have a back on it; which is less comfortable than it sounds. I would go to thrift stores a lot looking for a sofa but never found one that I liked.

Then one day my mom was visiting and we went to the thrift store. There was a microsuede couch that had a lot of pen and marker marks on it. I knew from watching a lot of commercials that supposedly this would clean off. Plus, it was only $50. The problem of actually getting it back to my apartment was difficult because obviously it wouldn’t fit in my car. However, my Mom said that she could drive a big truck so we rented one and the store loaded the sofa inside it.

Up to this point, you can say that this is simply a coincidence. People buy furniture all the time right? However, when I got home it turned into a small miracle. My dadm mom and I tried to lift the couch up the staircase to my apartment and didn’t make it past the first step. I didn’t know anyone in town who would be strong enough to lift the couch. I now had a comfortable place to sit; it was just in the parking lot.

Then I looked up the road and my brother and his wife were walking down. They had been on vacation and had parked their car at my apartment and that was the exact moment they chose to come back after being out all day. They don’t ever visit and had just called on a whim that day. At first I thought “Can you send someone else? He has a bad back”. He said “Oh, I lift couches all the time; I know how to deal with these stairwells”.

The microsuede cleaned up beautifully and it’s one of the most comfortable couches I’ve ever sat on. Plus, it reminds me that sometimes everything falls into place, even if it’s something small and even if it’s just a process getting there. What small miracles or blessings are you seeing in your life?

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